Mar. 6, 2022

Flowers and More

For Christmas this year, I received an amaryllis. It came in a box. A big bulb with one little green sprout and a tiny square block of what I assumed was dirt. I've seen lots of amaryllis, tall plants with big flowers, but had never grown one. So I carefully read the instructions.

The little square, was indeed, dirt. Just add water. (Did I mention the little plastic pot that was also in the box?) So, I added water. The little square grew, and grew. It grew until it filled the pot and spilled over. Now I had to plant the bulb and watch it grow.

I was curious so every day I measured it. It grew between an inch and an inch and a half a day. In seventeen days I had a tall stalk with flowers starting to poke out. Exciting!!

It's now March and the plant has grown two stalks and is working on number three and four. Each bunch of flowers seems brighter than the last.

Thank you to my nephew and his lovely wife for this wonderful symbol of hope. What looks like a square of dirt and a dead bulb has grown into beautiful flowers. Life is indeed a miracle.

Downside to this story: The plant has to be enjoyed behind closed doors because it is toxic to cats.